I Feel You Heart Pin

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High quality heart-shaped enamel pin with the words “I Feel You” with gold trim.

  • Measures 1″ x 1″
  • Rubber backing

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High quality heart-shaped enamel pin with the words “I Feel You” with gold trim. Measures 1″ wide. The perfect lapel pin for all those kind lovers, friends, healers, highly sensitive people, introverts, emo kids, shy folks, wallflowers, etc. Let the world you understand. You feel their pain and their joy! A great conversation starter.

With this denim jacket accessory, you can wear your empathetic nature on your sleeve (or your lapel, collar, pocket, etc). Be proud to be a sensitive person who actually feels emotions deeply. You’re an empath, a lover, a healer. We need you in this world! For all the shy and introverted folks out there – you’re not alone. Being sensitive is actually a gift. Be proud of who you are. People come to you for advice and hugs because you understand their feelings. But sometimes we just want to hide in our rooms and curl up into a little ball while we process our deep feelings. We are sensitive as fuck!

Let’s give ourselves credit. We’re the ones people come to for advice, a hug, or some compassion. We see the best in others. We feel deeply and that helps us understand the pain and joy of our fellow humans. This pin helps you OWN IT and wear your thin skin loud and proud! It’s all good, don’t worry. Our soft boundaries help us merge easily with others. We make amazing lovers if we would just accept the fact that we have needs of our own and we are important too. We make wise healers and a simple gaze into the eyes can make all the problems in this world go away. This is for you! ❤️

Starseed Supply Co. pins and patches are perfect for spiritual renegades and new age punks. This metaphysical fashion accessory will look great on your denim jacket, jeans, backpack, or laptop bag. Pins feature a rubber backing for easy application and removal. Show off your interest in the esoteric and occult with these high quality iron on patches designed by Jeff Finley of Starseed Supply Co.

• Enamel Pin
• Measures 1″ x 1″
• Rubber backing

Weight 1 oz

29 reviews for I Feel You Heart Pin

  1. Shannon P

  2. thornfield87

    Great product in beautiful, detail-oriented packaging. Shipping was quick. Pin isn't too thick, which is nice so it doesn't pull on lighter fabrics or sag. Nice quality enamel. Thanks, Jeff!

  3. Kate McCorkle

  4. Rae Herrera

  5. Marshall Kilgore

  6. Jolie Flink

    Great pin, and perfect Christmas gift 🙂

  7. Erika

    I feel super happy with this purchase. Love it!

  8. Angel Williams

  9. Jenny

    I feel the good vibes Jeff. Thank you!!

  10. TealeafFreeleaf

  11. jose puello

    I love it so much, thank you!

  12. skanach85

  13. catfureels

  14. Paige

    I'm feeling this pin!!! I say this all the time at work, so I had to get it to put on my apron!

  15. Nadia Vazquez

    I love it!!! It's great quality and the rubber back is surprisingly strong. This hasn't fallen off once.

  16. moss icon

    best pin ever! well made and fast shipment!

  17. ihavecupcakes6

  18. Kate Myers

    Exactly as pictured! Vibrant colors 🙂

  19. klwilcox

    Such a sweet lil pin.

  20. Tyona Christensen

    I love this pin so much! The quality is great and it's a perfect addition to my collection.

  21. emmakateharley

    Adorable little empath pin that fits perfectly on the collar of my jean jacket. Nice little way to put some good vibes out into the world. Thanks for a solid pin!

  22. Jen Berlingo

  23. Aj Sims

  24. Gwen Grant

  25. Chris Zielecki

    Love it so much! Great quality!

  26. amberfleming722

    amazing quality! bought it as a gift and they loved it

  27. Jo Monroe

    Love this Pin, Thank you so much x

  28. Jessica Frabasile

  29. Molly (verified owner)


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