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Maker/Mistaker eBook

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This is the eBook version of my book Maker/Mistaker. A personal memoir about my depression and spiritual awakening from 2013-2015.

  • 339 pages, PDF, ePUB, and .mobi editions
  • Includes a free 88-minute interview I did with Gigi Young, a Starseed and Intuitive Consultant. 
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Maker/Mistaker eBook
Maker/Mistaker eBook $5.00 Original price was: $5.00.$2.50Current price is: $2.50.

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This book is real-talk about being a creative person and the struggles that accompany it. It’s an archive of my best and most useful articles on my blog Maker/ 

I’ve been a creative person my whole life. I’ve also been super sensitive and intuitive as many artists are. I’ve had a lot of success in my life as a maker, but I still struggled with anxiety and depression. I thought I was living the good life?

In 2013, I admitted I was depressed to my business partners and friends. That’s when I started Maker/Mistaker to write about my feelings and philosophies. It turned into a journey of self discovery and personal transformation. I write about how I worked my way through depression, my meditation techniques, my morning routines and rituals, etc. It includes my take on habit change, personal growth, anxiety, fear, productivity, and spiritual awakening. I even documented my early out-of-body experiences that happened after I began meditating seriously for the first time.

Other cool areas are my Quantum Sphere Healing and Soul Retrieval experiences, which is where I learned I was a Starseed!


The book is 339 pages. Self-published through CreateSpace and the printing is very high quality. I have a stock of these in my apartment and you can order from me personally (or find it on Amazon). I designed and laid out all the pages myself in Adobe InDesign. I took special care in laying out the type just right and having it all look beautiful inside and out. The book has a smooth matte finish and many people remark on how good it feels. It also smells great because it’s fresh paper. Mmmm. The scent of a non-digital book never gets old! People say they like my writing style because it’s very authentic. Well, I try to be at least!



    1. What is Maker/Mistaker?
    2. Success, Depression, and Awakening
    3. Overcoming Depression Part 1
    4. Overcoming Depression Part 2
    5. Overcoming Depression Part 3
    6. The State of Discontent
    7. Fear of Making Money
    8. The Need to be Liked
    9. Let Go of What Other People Think
    10. Saying No Without Being Mean
    11. Fear of Going to the Gym
    12. Resistance to Work
    13. Why Do I Sometimes Dread Opening My Email?
    14. Our Obsession with Productivity

    1. Things I Learned by Waking Up Early
    2. The Night Owl’s Secret to Waking Up Early
    3. My Meditation Practice
    4. 41 Signs You Are Sleepwalking Through Life
    5. The Cycle of Discontent and Creation
    6. Giving Myself Permission to Sleep In
    7. How to Get Inspired When You’re Stuck
    8. How to Kill Procrastination
    9. 5 Tips for a Killer Morning Routine
    10. An Outside-the-Box Time Management Technique
    11. Morning Routine 2015
    12. Digital Detox
    13. Why I Quit Coffee
    14. Why I am Drinking Coffee Again
    15. I’m Quitting Facebook and Going Outside
    16. One Year of Waking Up Early

    1. My First Out of Body Experience
    2. My Craziest Out of Body Experience
    3. Out of Body Experiences All in Your Head?
    4. The Ultimate Guide to Out of Body Experiences
    5. Soul Retrieval – Am I a Starseed?
    6. Quantum Sphere Healing
    7. Coincidence or Destiny?

    1. The New Masculine
    2. Quit Watching Porn in 30 Days
    3. Not Afraid of Love
    4. An Uncomfortable Book About Relationships
    5. 20 Tips for More Conscious Relationships
    6. Is the Fear of “Being Needy” Keeping us Apart?
    7. How Sexual Purity Affected Me as a Man

    1. The End of Maker/Mistaker
    2. Thank You

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  • 339 Pages
  • ePub, PDF, and .Mobi editions

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