Sensitive as Fuck Mug (Black)


By request I present, the Sensitive as Fuck coffee mug! Now in Black. (white version available). Holds 11 oz. Diwshwasher and microwave safe. Ceramic.

Sensitive as Fuck Mug (Black)
Sensitive as Fuck Mug (Black) $18.00

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By request I present, the Sensitive as Fuck mug! Now in Black. (I also have a white version available as a different listing)

The perfect mug for all those lovers, healers, highly sensitive people, introverts, emo kids, punks, shy folks, wallflowers, etc. Get a conversation going without having to be the first to speak! Sip your hot beverage and quietly send a message to everyone else. Let them make a comment on your mug and then go from there!

Be proud to be a sensitive person who actually feels emotions deeply. You’re an empath, a lover, a healer. We need you in this world! For all the shy and introverted folks out there – you’re not alone. Being sensitive is actually a gift. Be proud of who you are. People come to you for advice and hugs because you understand their feelings. But sometimes we just want to hide in our rooms and curl up into a little ball while we process our deep feelings. We are sensitive as fuck!

Let’s give ourselves credit. We’re the ones people come to for advice, a hug, or some compassion. We see the best in others. We feel deeply and that helps us understand the pain and joy of our fellow humans. This mug helps you OWN IT and wear your thin skin loud and proud! It’s all good, don’t worry. Our soft boundaries help us merge easily with others. We make amazing lovers if we would just accept the fact that we have needs of our own and we are important too. We make wise healers and a simple gaze into the eyes can make all the problems in this world go away. This is for you!

Note: This item is manufactured on-demand and shipped via my production partner. This item will arrive separately than the rest of your order and the package will have the Starseed Supply Co. logo on it so you know it’s from me!

Additional Details:

• Ceramic
• Dishwasher safe
• Microwave safe
• Black, glossy
• Designed by Jeff Finley

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