Starseed Supply Co. sells original clothing and accessories for Starseeds, dreamers, truth seekers, and sovereign souls. Founded by designer and author Jeff Finley. Supporting your mission on Earth! 👽

Jeff Finley, founder of Starseed Supply Co.
Jeff Finley, founder of Starseed Supply Co.

The Origins

It was started in February 2016 by designer and author Jeff Finley.

Jeff wanted unique and fun ways to express his interests in the spiritual, esoteric, metaphysical, and occult. Some friends of his gave him a few patches for his denim jacket and got really excited. He felt like he could express his personality through the flair and adornments on his jacket. They became great conversation starters and helped him meet like-minded people he never may have met.

Being a designer, he decided to make his own. In late 2015, Jeff released his first three patches to the world on his blog. The response was really positive and requests for more patches started coming in. He began with a Starseed patch, 11:11, and the Flower of Life. But this was just the beginning.

Jeff’s sketchbooks were filling up with new ideas for patches, buttons, stickers, t-shirts, and other goodies. Jeff says, “The ideas are endless, I haven’t been this inspired to create in a long time!”

What’s a Starseed?

A Starseed is a term that would describe a person who has awakened to their cosmic consciousness and infinite nature. They often feel an extreme sense of purpose on this planet, although they may not know what that purpose is. If you’re reading this, you are probably a Starseed.

They often feel out of place or alien, like they do not belong here on Earth or with their families or society. They might do a good job blending in, but it often comes at the expense of their well-being. Many Starseeds find themselves dealing with depression throughout their life until they are able to fully be themselves and express their own unique gifts and purpose.

Some Starseeds have a strong resonance with extra-terrestrial beings as either guides or soul families. They may have direct contact through channeling, astral projection, dreams, or intuitive or psychic abilities. Others are just fascinated or have a strong attraction to aliens.

Other Starseeds might be considered an Indigo, Crystal, or Rainbow child.

The overall mission of Starseeds, that I know of, is to raise the consciousness of the human race, bring love and healing to the planet, and usher in the new age of enlightenment and peace. Each individual has their own unique role to play in this drama that we call life.

Some may not resonate at all with the Starseed label, but still have a similar mission. Maybe they’re just healers, empaths, visionaries, or conscious creators. They are prolilfic makers, inspiring leaders, lightworkers, or gifted artists.

Whether you call yourself a Starseed or not, you are welcome. We are in this together. Love unites us all.

Starseed Supply Co.

About the Creator

Jeff was a lifelong artist and independent thinker. He attended college for animation but began his career doing freelance graphic design and illustration for punk and emo bands in 2004. In 2006 he became a partner at the design firm Go Media and went on to unite the design community through blogging, speaking, and creating resources for other creators. He authored the book Thread’s Not Dead: The Designer’s Guide to the Apparel Industry.

In 2010 he founded the Weapons of Mass Creation Fest which brought together creatives across the country to network, share, learn, and let loose with speakers, workshops, galleries, and live music.

But in 2013 Jeff found himself burned out and mired in depression. He started a blog called Maker/Mistaker (now a book) to express his thoughts and philosophical ideas. He started waking up early every day to focus on healing and overcoming depression, which led to numerous out of body experiences and a spiritual awakening. His life was forever changed.

He wrote a book about his journey titled Wake Up: The Morning Routine That Will Change Your Life which is for sale on Amazon and his website.

He later made the difficult decision to leave his company, get a divorce, and pursue new creative projects. One being Starseed Supply Co. and another being his music project Starbound Renegade.